Ajitesh Ghose

PhD Student


Prof. Richard Cooper

My research focuses on neural network modelling and empirical research on embodied cognition and semantic processing. The field of embodied cognition is full of demonstration experiments of sensorimotor processing associated with semantic tasks. However, a detailed mechanistic account of embodied cognitive processes remains elusive.


Work Experience:

I am the Head of Research Analytics at Sky where I look after sub-teams of data science, data visualization, data processing and data engineering. My department is responsible for the design and execution of complex machine learning solutions covering predictive and prescriptive choice modeling, segmentations and data fusions.



Elite MA in Cognitive Semiotics (Distinction)

Dissertation: Computational and statistical modelling of implicit and explicit responses


BSc Psychology Hons (1st Class)

Dissertation: Comparing ICA and GLM models for analyzing fMRI data



MRS Course on Data Science



MRS Course on Neuroeconomics